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Choosing a Topic

Upon successful authentication users, depending on if they already have some topics assigned or joined for them to label, will see either Empty Topics List with a prompt to Join Public Topics or with a list of their Topics.

Experience may slightly differ between web, iOS, and Android apps. Also depending on the user’s membership role additional Create Sample Topic prompt will appear in mobile apps for Creators.


Users, who already have one or more topics in their list will see those presented with Titles, Creator’s email or Description, and per topic progress.


To choose a Topic to work with users can simply tap on its Title in the web app or its row in mobile apps. Doing so in the Web or iOS/iPadOS app immediately navigates a user to the Labeling screen. Android app will present a Labeler user with the actions dropdown menu like this or a Creator user with an extended menu like this

To view detailed information like Created and Updated dates, etc. about a Topic user of the mobile app can tap or button.

NOTE: Topic Description is expected to provide enough information about the topic for a Labeler user to decide if they can and want to make a quality contribution to that Topic.
NOTE: Although Topic Creator's email address is always available in Created By field of detailed information, it is not necessarily true in any given moment that a person with that email still remains an active administrator of the Topic. Users should consider if it is really necessary to contact the Topic Creator directly and maybe contact a person, whose email is displayed in Updated By field as the most recent registered administrator.  

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