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First steps

Starting with YasNah is super easy.

For those on desktop or mobile browser we offer our web app available here: https://app.staging.yasnah.com

User’s journey in the web app begins with Sign In activity.

We also offer mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android operated smartphones and tablets.

Our app for iOS on iPhones and iPadOS on iPads is available for free from the App Store:

Our app for Android operated devices is available for free from the Google Play store:

Get it on Google Play

On mobile devices after brief splash screen with Aldabada Incorporated company logo user’s journey starts with Welcome Tour consisting of 5 introductory pages.

Users may want to go through all of them swiping until the end or just skip them. Users can always reactivate this Welcome Tour later by using the Reset Tutorial Hints feature.

After completion of Welcome Tour new user will be also presented with Sign In screen.

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