iPhone/iPad Beta Test Program

Welcome to YasNah App Beta Test Program

Our app has been created for the purpose of crowdsourced binary labeling of texts (for now we stick to only texts).

It is the simplest labeling tool in the world with gesture mechanics similar to famous dating apps (hehe). So, can you tell Yas or Nah? True or False? Like or Miss? Hot or Not? – the choice is yours.

The app provides the full functionality of Listing, Creation, Editing, and Deletion of Labeling Topics.

Editing topics include Member’ access management to define who has visibility and rights to label the questions in a particular topic.
Members Lists and Questions Lists can be uploaded from CSV format and results can be downloaded or shared as CSV files.

Authentication is available via one of 3 providers

  • Sign in with Apple®
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Aldabada™

The app displays overall progress stats per member and per topic.

Hint: the app can actually be used not necessarily for text labeling, but simply as True/False question/answer machine for text-based (for now) propositions/contexts. You can even play “Have you ever, ever, ever?” game with it.

This program is available to approved beta testers only via Apple TestFlight® app on your Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® devices. In order to join our Beta Test Program please feel free to apply via the form below

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