YasNah Web App

We have recently rolled out first version of Web UI that you can access right now and right here

Here’s what you can do with it today:

You can answer True or False type of questions with some preposition text snippet about a selected Topic.
We will pre-create for you a Sample Topic to get a taste of it
For more someone else has to have invited you to their Topic as a Member

You can see how many answers you have already given and how many questions are still there unanswered in a given Topic

Create your own Topic and add others to it as Member, so they could answer questions

Upload your questions set as CSV file

Download results of members answers as CSV file

Sign In as a Member with Google Sign-In, Sign in with Apple® or Aldabada™ credentials

And that’s it! That Simple!

Sign In, Upload, Invite, Answer, wait…. Download, Enjoy!

We cannot wait to see what you will apply this simple yet powerful tool for. be sure to let us know any feedback or question you have here.

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Aldabada is trademark of Aldabada, Inc.